Mapping Projekt MIA

in Miari Seoul, Edelstahl, 1200 x 4.5m, 2010
미아유랑기, 스탠레스스틸, 1200 x 4.5m, 2010

Sehr kleines Denkmal

Zement, Edelstahl, 10x10cm, 2009
아주 작은 기념비 시리즈, 콘크리트, 스텐레스스틸, 10x10cm, 2009



#권은비작가 #공공미술 #Eunbi Kwon


Kwon, Eunbi, Born in Seoul, she lives in Berlin. An artist on the street contemplating the history of the city. She has performed public and participatory art since 2011 in Korea. Triggered by the importance of the role of art in society, she deals with various issues from capital, politics, society, to nation state. Most…